In-house Python Library for Acoustic Signal Processing (LASP): fractional octave filter banks, Fourier analysis, code for doing acoustic measurements and beamforming tools.
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Library for Acoustic Signal Processing

  • Master branch: Build Status
  • Develop branch: Build Status

Welcome to LASP: Library for Acoustic Signal Processing. LASP is a C++ library with a Python interface which is supposed to acquire and process (multi) sensor data in real time on a PC and output results.

Current features that are implemented:

  • Communication with data acquisition (DAQ) devices, of which:
  • Configuration of DAQ devices: AC coupling, IEPE, sensitivity physical quantities.
  • Recording of signals from these DAQ devices, and storing in a HDF5 file.
  • Filter designers to create A/C sound pressure weighting
  • Biquad filter designers for low pass, high pass, peaking and notch filters
  • A Peak Programme Meter (PPM) to monitor signal levels from DAQ and to watch for signal clipping.
  • A signal generator to create sine waves, sweeps and noise (white / pink).
  • Equalizers to equalize the output prior to sending.
  • Averaged power spectra and power spectral density determination using Welch' method. Taper functions of Hann, Hamming, Bartlett and Blackman are provided.
  • (One third) octave filter bank filters designed to comply with IEC 61260 (1995).
  • Slow and fast time updates of (A/C/Z) weighted sound pressure levels
  • Full Sound Level Meter implementation
  • Real time Sound Level meter, Power / Transfer function estimator
  • Spectra data smoothing algorithms
  • Sensor calibration for microphones

Future features (wish-list)

  • Conventional and delay-and-sum beam-forming algorithms
  • Impedance tube measurement processing

For now, the source code is well-documented on but it requires some additional documentation (the math behind it). This is maintained in a sister repository lasp-doc.

If you have any question(s), please feel free to contact us: email.

Installation - Linux (Debian-based)


  • $ sudo apt install python3-pybind11 libopenblas-dev python3-pip python3-scipy libusb-1.0-0-dev libpulse-dev cmake-curses-gui python3-h5py
  • $ pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt

If building RtAudio with the ALSA backend, you will also require the following packages:

  • libclalsadrv-dev

If building RtAudio with the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) backend, you will also require the following packages:

  • libjack-jackd2-dev

Download & build

  • $ git clone --recursive
  • $ cd lasp

For a release build:

  • $ cmake .

or optionally for a custom build:

  • $ ccmake .

Configure and run:

  • $ make -j

Build documentation

In directory:

$ sudo apt install doxygen graphviz $ pip install doxypypy

While still in lasp dir:

$ doxygen

This will build the documentation. It can be read by:

$ <YOUR-BROWSER> doc/html/index.html

Or via docker:

$ docker build -t lasp_ascee_nl:latest .


For an editable install (while developing):

  • $ pip3 install --prefix=$HOME/.local -e .

To install locally, for a fixed version:

  • $ pip3 install --prefix=$HOME/.local


  • See examples directories for IPython notebooks.
  • Please refer to the documentation for features.