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A pure-Python graphics library for PyQt5/PyQt6/PySide2/PySide6

Copyright 2020 Luke Campagnola, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


PyQtGraph is intended for use in mathematics / scientific / engineering applications. Despite being written entirely in python, the library is fast due to its heavy leverage of numpy for number crunching, Qt's GraphicsView framework for 2D display, and OpenGL for 3D display.


PyQtGraph has adopted NEP 29.

This project supports:

  • All minor versions of Python released 42 months prior to the project, and at minimum the two latest minor versions.
  • All minor versions of numpy released in the 24 months prior to the project, and at minimum the last three minor versions.
  • All Qt5 versions from 5.12-5.15, and Qt6 6.1

Currently this means:

Optional added functionalities

Through 3rd part libraries, additional functionality may be added to PyQtGraph, see the table below for a summary.

Library Added functionality
  • Image processing through ndimage
  • Data array filtering through signal
    • 3D graphics
    • Faster image processing
    • Note: on macOS Big Sur only works with python 3.9.1+
    • Export in hdf5 format
    • Add a collection of perceptually uniform colormaps
    • Export of PlotItem in matplotlib figure
    • Add matplotlib collection of colormaps
    • CUDA-enhanced image processing
    • Note: On Windows, CUDA toolkit must be >= 11.1
    • Faster image processing

    Qt Bindings Test Matrix

    The following table represents the python environments we test in our CI system. Our CI system uses Ubuntu 20.04, Windows Server 2019, and macOS 10.15 base images.

    Qt-Bindings Python 3.7 Python 3.8 Python 3.9
    • - Not compatible
    • - Tested


    Installation Methods

    • From PyPI:
      • Last released version: pip install pyqtgraph
      • Latest development version: pip install git+https://github.com/pyqtgraph/pyqtgraph@master
    • From conda
      • Last released version: conda install -c conda-forge pyqtgraph
    • To install system-wide from source distribution: python setup.py install
    • Many linux package repositories have release versions.
    • To use with a specific project, simply copy the PyQtGraph subdirectory anywhere that is importable from your project.


    The official documentation lives at pyqtgraph.readthedocs.io

    The easiest way to learn PyQtGraph is to browse through the examples; run python -m pyqtgraph.examples to launch the examples application.

    Used By

    Here is a partial listing of some of the applications that make use of PyQtGraph!

    Do you use PyQtGraph in your own project, and want to add it to the list? Submit a pull request to update this listing!